Turning off the “leave a message” prompt in Exchange 2007 UM

So, I’ve been using (and loving!) Exchange 2007 UM at two sites: my home and our office. At the office, we’ve all noticed an annoying behavior in the default auto-attendant: after you specify the name of the person you’re calling, it asks you to press 1 to leave a voice message. If you ignore that prompt, it says “Okay, dialing…” and does its thing. We couldn’t find a way to turn it off, until I noticed this unobtrusive checkbox in the UM auto attendant properties dialog:
It turns out that, in this context, “Allow callers to send voice messages” really means “annoy callers with prompts to leave voice messages instead of putting them through and then letting them leave a VM if the called party doesn’t answer”. Unchecking that box provided exactly the behavior we were looking for.

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